SGSA Earlybird Premier Tournament

Nov 2 to Nov 5, 2017

Welcome to the SGSA Early bird premier tournament registration and tournament website.

The Tournament is open to Girls and Boys teams from U10 to U18, the tournament will be held over two weekends on the indoor fields at the Trans Alta Tri Leisure Center in Spruce Grove, Alberta.

  • The weekend of November 2-5, 2017 will host premier/club teams (Tiers 1-3)
  • The weekend of November 16-19, 2017 will host community teams (Tiers 4-8)

This tournament is an excellent opportunity for teams to get extra games early in the indoor season which will help develop strong team play for the rest of the season. Teams are guaranteed three games (with some teams getting four). Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded in divisions with four or more teams, and gold and silver medals will be awarded in divisions with three teams.

As well as the soccer fields, the TransAlta Tri Leisure Center is a full service recreational complex with swimming pools, ice rinks, a gym, a walking track and a fitness center. There is a family sports restaurant as well as a concession.

Tournament Headquarters

Located at the TransAlta Tri Leisure center in the concouse area at the South Field(Field 2)

Schedules/Rules/Important Info
Will only be available on-line on this website.

Official 2017 Early Bird Rosters
All teams will be provided with a login to access the member area, to input the roster information. Teams are required to specify guest/trialist players. Once a team has created their electronic roster, they will be able to download and print their game sheets directly from the system.

ASA Rosters
All teams from within Alberta, including EMSA league teams, are required to submit their completed ASA team rosters and any guest/trialist players forms to the Early Bird tournament headquarters at check in before the teams first game. No player will be permitted to participate without being on the team roster. Players who are not registered on a team for the Indoor Soccer season cannot be used. Teams can sign up 20 players.

Game Sheets:
Game sheets are available on-line. Please login, download, and print your copies. You will need a copy for each of the games. It is the team’s responsibility to have the game sheet ready before the kickoff. There will be blank game sheets available to print in the member area and at any of the soccer centers headquarters.

Time Out and Mercy rule:
Each of the two (2) teams playing is permitted a maximum of one (1) minute in the game, first or second half, as a time out. Mercy rule is in place as well, meaning that no more than a five (5) goal differential will be recorded for any game.

All games can end in a tie as it is a round robin competition. The “mercy rule” is in effect for this competition. No team will be given more than a 5 goal win differential. Tie-breaking procedures will use statistics AFTER the mercy rule was applied, i.e.:if a team wins 6 – 0, they will only receive credit for 5-0 regardless of the actual score.

Referees are required to mark actual scores on games sheets. The mercy rule is applied by headquarters prior to recording final score and posting the game results.

Stats – Game Results:
Will be available on-line on this website. Stats will also be available throughout the tournament headquarters at the East, West, and South Soccer Centers.