SGSA Earlybird Premier Tournament

Nov 1 to Nov 4, 2018

Guest Players

Guest Players - Click on the following link to download form: Guest Player Form

Suspended players and team officials are not permitted on or about the field of play nor can they attend other functions representing their team during the championships.

- Guest Players do not require player cards.

- Form must be given to the referee prior to the game & submitted along with the game sheets to tournament HQ.

- A written permission letter is also acceptable in place of this form. All information below must be included in the letter.

- All fields below must be filled out entirely.

GUEST PLAYER RULES & REGULATIONS: Each team is permitted a maximum of three guest players during the tournament. In order to be eligible, these players must be playing as an ASA registered player on an indoor team, must be of the same or lower age category/division and must have written approval from the team on which they are registered with. A copy of this written approval must be submitted with each team’s Polar Cup team roster. Coaches are also asked to keep a copy of the written permission letter with them during all games of the tournament.

Teams are permitted to carry a maximum of 20 players on their rosters for this competition.

PLEASE NOTE: Absolutely NO player registrations will be approved at the tournament HQ – please ensure you have enough team players prior to entering this competition.